My Thoughts on Turning Seventy-Five

My Thoughts on Turning Seventy-Five

 (1.10.2005) מחשבות של אושימה סנסיי בהגיעו לגיל 75. בחרנו להשאיר בשפת המקור

When I was beginning to define myself through my practice of the Martial Arts, I felt it wasn’t a good enough comparison to compare myself with other present-time Martial Arts experts. I decided I wanted to compete at a higher level with the top Martial Artists from ancient Japan. Then I found out that the levels of the ancient Martial Artists were too far from me; they were too high. Of course, there are different individual capacities, but also different social contexts and realities, and different mentalities precise to those times. Additionally, their necessities to live were very extreme. They prepared for the probability that they would have to bet their lives every day — facing the possibility of death. Our present day society in Japan and here in the United States supports and protects a much easier daily life where the biggest stresses are health and wealth

It is almost impossible to compete with the level of Martial Arts masters of ancient times. Therefore, I realized that they are indeed the top Martial Artists, but they were not all masters of their lives. I thought about it quite a bit and decided, “Maybe I have a chance to master my own life.” Long ago, I set up the conditions and qualifications for me to be the master of my life as a Martial Artist in this time and in this truly global society

:An ideal modern Martial Artist must be a Master of his or her life. The qualifications are

  1. Considering the medical improvements today, we should not die before we are 75 years old. As a Martial Artist, I hope I can continue to practice and be mentally and physically healthy until the last day of my life. Martial Artists must, therefore, always be careful about our health.
  2. We have to have power of eyes: the meaning of this term is to be able to distinguish between beauty and ugliness, to distinguish between truth and untruth, to distinguish what is valuable and what is not valuable. To have power of eyes, one has to have lots of study, trainings, experiences, and wisdom.
  3. To be a master of one’s life and make himself happy is not enough. The Martial Artist has to make other people happy. People around you should feel warm, positive, and happy. To make others happy, you must have a big, warm, and clean heart

If you succeed at these three elements, 1) live at least until 75; 2) have power of eyes; and 3) make others happy, I think you are the Master of your life. I don’t know yet if I can achieve this level or not, but if I can, then I can beat some of the Master Martial Artists from ancient times

Tsutomu Ohshima

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